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It’s been a minute since I posted on the blog. I won’t lie, I had a pretty good realization about Strong Beautiful Capable. I started this foundation based around my story, my healing process, and my journey. While my journey is by no means greater or less than another’s, it isn’t the only one. There are hundreds of thousands of survivors, victims, and strong, beautiful, capable women.

Strong Beautiful Capable recently gave out their first scholarship. I know it should have been marketed like crazy. There should have been pictures and stories and social media posts and, and, and. I recently saw a pin on Pinterest that said something like, “do without showing, travel and tell no one, live and breathe without need for acknowledgement. I didn’t want these beautiful girls to be the object of people’s discussions. I didn’t want them to say, “oh did you see so and so, they were raped so they got a scholarship.” I can’t control the types of conversation people would have, and I was scared to subject them to that.

I’m okay being the subject of it. I mean I have been for almost 4 years now. I was thrown into the fire of gossip, media, lies, and all that junk without asking for it. It hardly phases me anymore because I have the ability to tune it out, to ignore it. Over the last few weeks, I have started to realize that Strong Beautiful Capable is so much more, it is a discussion for change. I was scared to promote stories of rape or sexual assault because I was afraid of the discussion. It’s easy to hold on to your negative experiences because when you start telling people that you are “okay” they stop caring. There’s nothing juicy to talk about anymore.

Why can’t change and journey and life and love and all that be juicy and stimulating? Because it isn’t easy, positivity and change is hard. It’s not easy to share a heartbreaking story, but when you are done, you feel so much better. It isn’t easy to be alone sometimes, but it is so refreshing for the soul. Social media, the internet, ads, TV, it all makes it look so easy to just change. It’s not, it takes courage. It takes strength and the upmost confidence that you will find what you are capable of.

It’s time to push for that discussion. To start loving and living life, letting these hard topics become our conversation to push for a better world. All victims can and will become survivors. Our capabilities are truly endless if we are brave enough to let them be. Change equals heart break and sorrow on one end, but on the other it means and is so much more than we can comprehend.